Friday, December 14, 2007

Verizon Voyager cell phone - complete review both video and pictures - Cell phones for sale

The Verizon Voyager cell phone is truly an amazing smart cell phone. I purchased 5 of these cell phone marvels when they first came out. I am currently selling these phones on eBay and craigslist for $600 each or best offer. If you are interested in purchasing one of these phones please call me at 843-425-3566 or email me at You must live in Chicago and meet me in person to purchase the cell phones. Sorry, cash only. Each phone is brand new still in the original box and original wrapping.

AdSense Advertising - How to make money through Adsense - Multiple ad unit browsing available

So I was working on a blog today about Spas in Chicago and I noticed an interesting new feature on Google AdSense ads. It allowed me to scroll through multiple ad units. Anyone else seeing this cool new feature? I'm sure this will help significantly with CTR as the user can actually find what they are looking for. What is the cut off number of clicks a user can do per IP in a set number of time? Anyone know? If you read this blog please comment!

What is a co-reg path or marketing / affiliate registration path - I just realized

Co-reg paths are re-packaged affiliate offers usually found on websites like - I don't know why it took me so long to discover this. Email traffic is still incredibly cheap and that's why co-reg paths make money, because of large numbers and the incredible idiocy of the American consumer. So email submits and zip submits (both the same thing, some things for zip work better, and some things for email work better) are bot the same thing. If you actually go through a co-reg path, and I don't think anyone has ever actually written up what a co-reg path is, because it would be a long and frustrating write up; I will do my best to explain and document how to create a co-reg path and make serious srcibble ($$$$) with it.

A co-reg website (email or zip submit website) is just like any other website, you must send traffic to it, arbitrage the cost of the traffic, web design, hosting, etc.... with the amount the website makes in revemue = profit. So super smart marketers or co-reg path creators, hedge a $1.15 email submit, so that means an email submit to them on average is worth more then $1.15 - lets say $1.50. So for every email or zip submit the advertiser or site creator is able to generate $.25 cents for an email or zip submit by showing that co-reg site visitor tons of affiliate offers and getting them to sign up for them.

Most co-reg paths aren't out there to trick people into signing up for affiliate offers, or paying people (or saying they are going to pay people/sheeple) to sign up for affiliate offers. Most co-reg paths are straight and narrow and not out there to trick people - as it is profitable enough without having to be unethical.

So in summation my fellow online marketers: Co-reg paths are nothing but bundled offers of many different affiliate offers. Sort of like taking a collection of online offers/products, putting them in aisle number 9 at walmart, and making the walmart visitors walk through the asile, in order to "receive" something at the end. Co-reg paths just batter and batter you with offer after offer after offer. They get most consumers to do this by making them think they will get something out of it at the end (a free iphone, bottle of this, item of that, tickets, something to incentive them to force them to continue to review offer after offer after offer). Most of the offers are lead generation and tied into non-internet related sectors that do prospecting through online marketing. That is the best damn analogy for a co-reg path ever written; respect ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

MLB's - Mitchell Report - An attempt to increase publicity for the MLB through "negative press" - Brillitant example of public relations

I will go ahead a say a little dirty secret: American's don't care if their MLB teams use steroids or any other type of illegal performance enhancer. Because Americans love big super strong athletes, the biggest, the best, the strongest; that's what being AMERICAN is all about. So why all the public outcry about the Mitchell Report and illegal doping in baseball? Well, there really isn't any public outcry, but its juicy enough for ESPN and major other news outlets to report on - because after all the news only reports on juicy topics. It's hard to actually find juicy topics to report on on a daily basis. The MLB steroid news is juicy enough to run nationally, and internationally - hell performance enhancing drugs and the media seem to have a love affair. Not sure why, but I think it feeds a reversal of psychology that the media and the public seem to have. The public's opinions and beliefs are largely created and directly influenced by what the media says (sort of: what was first, the chicken or the egg?).

The publicity department at MLB (major league baseball) should really be called the MLSB (the major league baseball of really small penises - because it seems like everyone is using steroids or weight loss pills), because the top top people of MLB, the owners, want their players to be the biggest, strongest, wildest major league baseball player that a MLB player can be. It's sort of like race horse ownership, but with far more expensive horses. It would be an interesting study to analyze the average cost of a Churchill downs race horse and a MLB baseball player - perhaps a future blog post. So anyhow, back to the MLB's publicity department and their incredibly good PR methodology: No press is bad press. This steroid scandal is actually good PR the MLB because it is increasing consumer awareness of MLB. The American public secretly loves steroid usage. It certainly won't hurt viewer ship ratings, hell; I want to watch MLB to see how big these steroid injected fuckers are. Isn't that why people sort of love WWE and mixed martial arts (UFC - ultimate fighting championship?). It's almost like MLB is WWE, but its actually real. They play baseball to fucking kill the other team/opponents. It's a war among teams that involves money, fame, sex, and power. Believe me, baseball teams and their players are celebs in every city. So the term, The Mitchell report, that will probably live on in MLB infamy for the next 20 years, is nothing but a marketing piece that the MLB publicity department cooked up. So sports fans, wake the fuck up - your sheeple. Marketers control: this country, advertising, the way you think, and the way you spend.

I myself do business in mass marketing (as you can probably observe from this blog post) and I must give MLB a "kudos". For this news release and pr blitz / marketing creative is a brilliantly orchestrated fabrication of the "real purpose" behind it. All marketing and news for that matter, is the ability to disguise the truth and exploit it for money making purposes (establishing a brand and ultimately making insane amounts of money) A little tip for all you mass marketers out there: its easier to create a negative controvery and get people to talk about your brand (for example: Taser guns) then it is to create a news release (an angle on a topic that a business ultimately benefits from - because it gets your products brand and name mentioned on a national basis). So, in summation, the easy way out; the quickest and most profitable way to increase your business: is to create negative controversy about your business. Make is seem like you are a piece of shit company and unworthy of any business from the public. The reverse engineering of smart marketing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

CPA Empire - An affiliate company that values its affiliates

I got back to my condo late last night and was surprised to see a box standing in front of the door. I usually receive a package like this every year from a former business mentor. He keeps me on his seasonal gifting list and sends out a large box of frozen Georgia peaches every year. Can't say that I am a big peach fan (maybe the other kind of peaches) - but this year I got a wonderful gift from CPA Empire. It must be because I'm such a kick ass affiliate (yeah right). I would love to see what some of their serious affiliates get this time of year. Thanks CPA Empire!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Social Spark - Get your blog sponsored, no I mean more advertisements!

Izea, formerly PayPerpost is currently accepting sign ups for this new advertising system. Advertisers can now sponsor blogs, or in other words, advertise on their blog! Why do people confuse blog sponsorships with advertisements? Some more information about the new advertising or sponsorship system:

"In addition to sponsored posts, SocialSpark has created a viable alternative to traditional online display ads designed to provide a higher return on investment for both advertisers and bloggers. The revolutionary new form of advertising allows marketers to set a price range they are willing to pay to sponsor a blog via an interactive ad unit called a Blog Welcome™. The new unit welcomes a user when they visit a blog and then collapses into a small persistent sponsorship bar that remains at the bottom of a browser."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

AdTech NY November 2007 - Booth Babes & The City

Below is a brief video I made while attending AdTech in New York earlier this month (November 2007). I should have shot more video while attending the actual conference for everyone. AdTech was a great experience. Always good to see friends such as Web Publishing Blog and Diorex, as well as make new friends and business contacts. Hope you enjoy the videos and photos and I look forward to seeing new faces at SES Chicago in December.

Some more information about my experiences at AdTech New York:

- Dont let booth people talk your head off. Regularly interupt them in their spleel. If you dont shut them up, they will talk forever. In fact, they like it when you interupt so they don't have to keep on going.
- Joined the AdFemme network (pictured above) in a shameless attempt to meet female advertising execs. I't wasnt my idea!
- So many of these companies already do business, it can often be difficult to take deals and spread them around. Always keep some of your ideas to yourself, as people will steal them.
- The company that is called "No More Landing Pages" is in fact a landing page company. My sister works for Helio, and their slogan is, "Dont call us a cell phone company." Who the hell are these brand managers behind this? They seriously need to learn brand marketing, clarity, and copy writing.
- Mr. K's restaurant is the damn finest Gourmet Chinese restaurant in the world. The powerful beam of light in the center of the table illuminates your drinks.
- Tom Shack and Mr. K's are a dangerous combination. I mean seriously, who the hell can eat two plates of deep fried beed. After a while it tastes like deep friend cigerrettes.
- There were a lot of fine ass company employees at AdTech.
- Someone from Blogsvertise wants to buy my website Blog Sponsorships.
- I must have seen about 5 WF members representin.
- Pacha party was the non-punani party. Very humid and crowded.
- Some really amazing companies are emerging in the internet marketplace. Pub Matic is one of them. If you are a publisher and work with display advertising networks. Check them out.
- Web Publishing blog discussed domain names and how they are still an undervalued asset.
- Didnt get to see some of the bigger bloggers (ShoeMoney, JohnChow, UberAffiliate) and others.